"Being in control of your life means doing what you want to do and when you want to do it. Being mobile and feeling free go hand in hand. "


Being in control of your life means doing what you want to do and when you want to do it.

Being mobile and feeling free go hand in hand. You don’t just have your fun appointments to think about but also your medical and clinical appointments, pharmacy visits and therapy appointments, etc. Let us take care of your transportation needs. We are here to help!

You may need to consider what support you need to bring with you and whether you are travelling with a companion or companion animal too.

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Your transport needs will be as important as you are. Permalink will help with planning and arranging transport options with you.


We can help you get to medical appointments, visit family & friends, go shopping, to the bank or post office, visit the hairdresser or gym or any of the other services we all need to live our best life.

Permalink can also guide you through the financial support available through the NDIS for transport funding and can assist with a plan review.

Support is available for everything from public transport, taxi subsidies to modifying your own vehicle. We can even help you gain access to Companion Cards, Assistance Animal Permits and much much more

The more flexible you are to travel, the easier travel becomes for you and the more places you can reach!

travel training options

Melbourne is a great city to get around and there are many transport options for everyone.

Public transport in Melbourne is widely used and most of the trams, buses and trains are adapted to be accessible for all. You may be entitled to free public transport in Victoria. If you have a guide dog, hearing guide dog or guide dog in training, your animal companion can travel for free on Victorian public transport.

If your needs require attendant care to join in with community activities and events your companion may be entitled to a Companion Card, this also allows them to travel for free with you on public transport.

Taxis are one of the convenient transport services and disability transport services available. They come on demand, they come to your door, no waiting in a rainy bus stop for you. There are many wheelchair accessible taxis in Melbourne if you require one.

If you have your own vehicle you can apply for a disabled parking permit from your local council. This will give you access to parking spaces closer to where you need to be.