improved daily

living skills

We engage with each individual to show how they can perform, how this relates to what is in their support plan, and how they can continue to apply their techniques in their everyday lives. 

Improving daily living skills

We use person-centred support plans and reviews to enable people to think about their lives and what they want to change in order to build their skills.

We work together to make sure these changes happen and to further develop your skills to live as independently as possible at home or out in the community.

We support people to move towards their aspirations and contribute to their communities.

We setup techniques and create opportunities for individuals to apply their skills whilst being supported and use this consistent approach over time. This assists the participant to reach the desired outcomes identified in their support plan relating to their skill- development goals and what they did want to achieve.

Therapy Assistance Program

Our Therapy Assistant staff work closely with you to reach your therapeutic goals and work collaboratively with your allied health professional team. 

Therapy Assistant Staff can assist with:

  • Navigating and implementing your skills to increase independence across all settings.

  • Reviewing allied health recommendations and altering strategies to enable a more effective outcome.

  • Increasing your involvement in social and community participation

  • Practising communication skills with the use of communication aids.

  • Monitoring and reporting recommendation outcomes. 

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Disability Support Services

Support Services

We find ways to show links between what individuals are able to do themselves and how this can lead to increased possibilities of accomplishing more independence in their everyday tasks.