capacity building supports

Sometimes life changes can cause you to lose out on social contact. Permalink has a range of activities and social networking opportunities for you to feel involved and included.

transitional planning and improved daily living

Educational transitions will see you continue, or return to education to develop you in the direction you wish your life to take place. Permalink can work with you and your education provider to organise the physical, mental and emotional adjustments that will smooth the transition for you.

Outside of formal education there will be numerous physical, mental and social skills you want to improve. Our network of support staff and carefully selected providers will help you develop in every direction.

​Our services can offer:

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Thriving in work or seeking vocational development is an important part of anyone life. Our network of trainers and employment partners will be there for you when you need them.

Physical change is the easiest to notice but sometimes the hardest to navigate. Our personal training and exercise physiology network can help you develop in a structured and systematic manner.

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We ensure support is provided to guide, prompt, or undertake activities to ensure the individual obtains and/or retains appropriate SKILLS to live as INDEPENDENTLY as possible.

Capacity building can cover a range of skill building programs, including:

Learning to prepare a meal

Learning how to use public transport

developing a daily routine

LEarning about personal hygiene

Learning how to drive a car

Developing budgeting skills

Learning about self care

Applying for rental properties

understanding personal safety

Learning how to maintain your home

developing social skills

working towards employment