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Our vision is to be a valued partner in creating positive changes to enable all people with a disability to be respected equally and reach their full potential to live life to fullest.

Our range of care services come to you and give you the helping hand that you need, when you need it. Our disability support workers come with you to where you need to be, supporting you all the way.

Health and Well being

We specialise in health and well being. Your physical and mental wellbeing is key to achieving your lifestyle and care plan goals. At Permalink we use our network of providers, including personal trainers and accredited exercise physiologists to help you on your way.

Your physical and mental well being is key to achieving your lifestyle and care plan goals. 

looking to develop your skills?

We specialise in providing supports that assist with capacity building, facilitating you and your loved ones to develop more independence and capabilities in areas within everyday life.

This support will empower you to learn multiple self-care tasks, problem solve, establish and attain  goals, and gain a deeper understanding of your various developmental requirements where you would like further experience.

Welcome to permalink support services

Why permalink?


We make it happen

  • We offer a wide range of Home and Community Care, Fitness and Social Support Services for you to choose from.​

  • Our services are flexible and can be tailored to your individual needs.

  • We match you with great qualified skilled disability support staff.

  • We offer a diverse range of Skill Development and Case Management Services.​

  • Our fees are competitively low!​

  • We pride ourselves on providing a person-centered model of care to all our clients.

We’ll take your worry, you enjoy the fun.

Our fantastic range of home and community care, wellbeing and social services means that all your support needs can be covered whenever and wherever you want! We provide a flexible and adaptable approach so we can tailor the support to your unique needs.

Our care staff simply listen and provide the care you ask for

our services

Core Supports

Living your best life at home and out in the community is what we all strive for..

Reading with Coffee

Home Care

Home is where the heart is, where we spend so much of our time... 

social & community participation

We support our participants in many ways and recognise the importance of building... 

capacity building support

Educational transitions will see you continue, or return to education... 

increased social & community participation

People with disabilities often have a lower level of social inclusion... 

transitional planning

Permalink aims to support every individual and family to plan... 

improved daily Living skills

We use person-centred support plans and reviews to enable people... 

improved living arrangements

Permalink ensures support is provided to guide, prompt or undertake activities... 


Being in control of your life means doing what you want to do... 

We use person-centred support plans and reviews to enable people... 

improve health & well-being

personal training

Permalink provides NDIS well-being servicesat FitLane, which is a boutique... 

exercise physiology

Exercise Physiology is one of allied health services... 




Together, we can

  • Plan for your future.

  • Guide you through the NDIS application process and stages.

  • Identify what you are eligible for under the NDIS banner.

  • Prepare you for your NDIS planning meeting and review.

  • Clearly identify your outcomes.

  • Help you keep track of your goals.

  • Provide the necessary supports you need to succeed and celebrate every milestone you achieve!

We will work with you and your family to identify your disability services eligibility under the NDIS and clearly define your preferred outcomes. We help you to plan and steer you through the NDIS application, prepare you for your NDIS meetings and reviews. We’ll assist you to keep track of your goals and milestones while we support you in achieving those goals and celebrating those milestones.


Complete your Intake Form so we can start your NDIS Journey!

Step 1

Intake & Referral

Let us visit you to discuss your Support Needs, Goals and Funding Availability.

Step 2

Initial Meeting

We find the right Support Worker tailored to you.

Step 3

Support Allocation

We request feedback of your supports and assist you to make any changes as you progress.

Step 4


Our Client Services Managers monitor and ensure our services are a right match for you.

Step 5

Client Service Management





“Permalink Support Services understands my personal needs. They have been my provider of choice and would highly recommend them to others.”- Permalink Support Services Client



"Hi, my names Dvora and I would like to share with you how Permalink has given me and amazing employment opportunity within their company. They gave me a fair go and a chance to prove I am a dedicated and a hard worker and that I always try my best despite having a mental illness/disability.

Permalink staff and students have really been exceptionally fair, kind and understanding. They are always there to help me do a good job in my role as an Administration Assistant and include me as part of the team. The position I am recently working in has given me a sense of pride and happiness I can work in society as well.

I just am very grateful for my NDIS funding I receive that helps me immensely and also to be included in this paid position and career I always wanted to have. Permalink colleagues give me good instructions and they go step by step in tasks, so I don’t feel I can’t manage the job. The office environment is fantastic! I was given my own area to work in for the casual position.


I felt responsible to take the job seriously, because they have all put their faith in me. We also went out on a team building night outside business hours, and I felt like I was just like them, and they were all so fun, engaging and generous and they all accepted me as part of Permalink and a person with the ability. Thank you for listening to my experience as a fresh member of Permalink Support Services."- Permalink Support Services Client 



"I have been with Permalink for a long time now and they always help me. They helped me to find work and that makes me really happy. Everyone is friendly and kind to me." - Permalink Support Services Client


As a client, I have been particularly impressed with Permalink’s NDIS package of support to assist people (including myself) to engage in employment and capacity building activities. I enjoy my supported role as an administration assistant, designing Permalink social media posts, and videos.


I look forward to continuing my work with permalink and one of my goals is to market and manage a newsletter and/or blog. Being creative, thinking creatively and working with creativity is the link to my better health and wellbeing. It’s at the heart of what I do and who I am. Stay tuned for further updates.- Permalink Support Services Client



"Because I got my NDIS package, I was able to get extra social support and because of this support, I was able to get employment through Permalink. This has led me to some wonderful people, the CEO Shawn, and his team. They have all been very helpful and supportive of me, and the welcome I have had from them cannot be expressed by words. I have learnt a lot in the four weeks that I have been with them. They give me constant encouragement and positive feedback, and this makes me feel that I am worth something after a long time of feeling like I was nothing and because of poor experiences with past employers. This has changed my life completely. My life is now meaningful and I feel like I have a future again, and I hope that I can carry on my work with Permalink as I am enjoying my time with them and going to work is fun.


I no longer feel anxiety or worry about asking questions. I am able to express how I feel and I know that I am being heard. I just want everyone to know that Permalink, in every way, will give you the support you need and they will always be there to guide and support you in the same way they have done for me in the short time I've been there.


I can't express enough how the team has made me feel, and that's the whole team at Permalink. Thank you."- Permalink Support Services Client 

Daniel Thomas.jpg

"My name is Daniel & I have been with Permalink for around 4 weeks.

I am really enjoying my job as I am learning so much & when I need the help the support from my boss & staff are there.

We support each other when it is needed & the work environment is amazing.

I would recommend working for Permalink to anyone who is looking for this type of work."

Permalink Support Services Client


daniel j.

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Our mission is to respect and empower all people to be the best version of themselves and to become the number one choice for disability service providers across Victoria within the next 10 years.

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Our fantastic range of Home and Community Care, Wellbeing and Social Services means that all your support needs can be covered.

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